7 Best Biryani Places in HSR Layout

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by Seo Singh
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HSR layout is one of the fastest growing residential areas in Bangalore. If you are looking to explore HSR layout, then this article is for you! We have listed down some of the best Biryani places in HSR Layout.

1. Biryani Zone, HSR Layout

Food is essential in life, and Biryani Zone, with its delicious food and great ambience, is just the place you need to be! Prices are reasonable with great hygiene and service. The food not only tastes good but really makes you feel the complete authenticity which Hyderabadi taste brings.

2. Mani’s Dum Biryani

This is one of the best dine in restaurants in Bangalore and lives up to the expectations. The taste of the food is excellent as always and food is also served hot. The menu has some extra items under starters compared to the delivery menu. The restaurant is clean and the ambiance is good. The staff will take care that one has a good experience.

3. Atthemane’s Restaurant

What makes the dish especially good is the aromatic spices. The atthemane’s restaurant is not very cramped, but it does have a lovely layout. They use well portioned spices. The special food they offer is one of their speciality. They offer good gravy in the food as well.

4. Behrouz Biryani

The box of biryani along with a starter is good enough for a 2-people meal. The best part of the biryani is the amount of mutton in the Biryani as it is well cooked and along with the masala. They also offer raita which is tasty and creamy. The quantity is fulfilling, so is the taste. One must try it!!

5. Paradise Biryani

They have a good seating arrangement with indoor and outdoor seating as well. The pricing isn’t too high either so that it meets the budget of most people. The taste of the biryani is very good, especially because they use fresh ingredients to make it.

6. Raichur Biriyani House

The biryani is very spicy and tasty biryani as provided by Raichur Biryani. If u want to eat one of the best biryani then try here. the hygiene and cleanliness is well maintained here. It is located at a prime place in HSR layout. Also the biryani is made on fire wood.

7. Mandya Gowdru Donne Biriyani

This place is quite visible from main road and has ample seating arrangement. The biryani tastes good and hot. The menu is also moderately priced though.

There you have it! These are our top picks for the best biryani places in HSR Layout. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite or a hearty meal, these restaurants will not disappoint. So grab your friends and head on over to one of these joints for an unforgettable experience.

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