8 Best Spa In HSR Layout

One of the best spa's in hsr layout

by Seo Singh
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There are a lot of people nowadays who get stressed from the daily hustle and bustle of life. If you’re one of them, an hour spa visit is perhaps your best bet. Although it is important to take care of your health when in crisis, you might want to consider doing so all the time. There are several reasons why spa treatments could be good for your health, even if you don’t feel like stressing over anything.

Stop feeling stressed out and start finding inner peace with these 7 must-try salons in HSR Layout.

  1. Seven Days Spa

Seven Days Spa is a place that gives you the best spa services. It’s a very relaxing place with a good ambiance and well-mannered staff. The place makes us comfortable and feels relaxed after my session. Highly recommending.

It will leave you amazed by the service and quality of their products. The staff is extremely friendly, they always greet me with a smile which makes me feel at home.

2. Sunday The Spa

Beautiful, peaceful, and serene. An excellent spa. From the moment you step into the Spa located on the first floor of the property, you enter into a different world altogether. A calmness instilling environment, the staff is absolutely amazing. Coming to the spa package/treatment, I had taken up a deep cleansing facial. Absolutely amazing. I felt so fresh and clean after my session there.

The staff members are extremely friendly and helpful. They made sure that my experience was completely satisfying from beginning to end. The services offered by them are also very reasonably priced, and one can enjoy them without burning holes in their pockets as well!

3. Belaam Wellness Spa & Salon

Belaam Wellness Spa & Salon is a place I would recommend, and I would definitely go back there.

Booking is easy, just a simple call with time and number asked; quite a hygienic place overall; the staff is quite humble and, the hospitality is good, the massage is good, which makes you relax.

4. Nira Thai Spa hsr layout

Nira Thai Spa hsr layout provides a great experience for the customers. The ambiance is very good, it has very good decor which makes you feel like home. The staffs are quite friendly and helpful. Good facilities, quite clean and friendly. The massage quality and duration is really good. 

The therapist knows proper massage techniques to give good relaxation and pain relief. I would recommend this place to everyone who wants to relax their body with different kinds of spa treatments.

5. Ghogi Spa

Unlike the standard salons and spas that you see everywhere, Gogi Spa is a hidden diamond inside a coal mine! The amount of thought put into the construction of this spa is immense! The rooms, the ambiance, the lighting, everything is calming and soothing. The steam and shower room provides the perfect end to your experience!

 While the massage is perfect in its entirety, the strong pressure of the shower coupled with the steam bath is blissful. They even serve ginger honey tea before you pay the bill! If you are looking for a spa experience that is different from the standard salons and spas, go to Ghogi and try out one of their traditional massages

6. Kimera Wellness Spa Salon

Kimera Wellness Spa Salon is a great place to go if you are looking for a relaxing day at the spa. The staff is super friendly and professional. The whole place is filled with positive vibes with a clean environment and courteous employees starting from the front desk. 

Highly recommend this positive, relaxed, professional place to everyone who is looking to unwind after a tough day at work.


7. Moksha Wellness Spa

Moksha Wellness Spa is a place where you can feel free to relax and have fun with your friends. The service is good here, and the staff is very friendly.

The place’s ambiance is good, and you would love to be there again and again. If you are looking for a nice spa in HSR layout, this is the best one for you.

The entire atmosphere around us is very relaxing, which helps us forget all our worries as well as tensions from our daily lives and just focus on relaxing to get refreshed after such long days at work or school or university or whatever else we may be doing every day of our lives!

8. Plum And Sugar Spa

One of the best and most luxurious spas of Hsr layout.

Haircare is something that every beauty parlor provides as it is one of the essential beauty services. Plum & Sugar knows what is best for you. This could include a variety of treatments, such as exfoliation of the scalp. 

Nothing can match your feeling when you glide your fingers over your face and feel that soft skin. To give your feet a mini break you can come to Plum & Sugar for some pedicure. 

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