7 Best Veg restaurants In HSR layout

Few of the best veg restaurants in Hsr Layout

by Seo Singh
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Choosing the perfect restaurant is important, don’t you think? With so many different options out there, it’s hard to make a decision sometimes. To help you with this task, we decided to research 7 of the best vegetarian restaurants in HSR Layout , so that you’ll know where to go!

  1. Sri Upahara Veg

Sri Upahara Veg is a good place for veg people. They serve the best food with a very good taste and service. The ambience is good and the food is served hot. Once in a while visit this place and enjoy, you will surely love this place.

The food was really nice and tasty. 

Staff were friendly & helpful with the Ambiance being excellent. Overall it’s a good restaurant for a family dinner or casual date night out!

2. The Rasoiya Street

This restaurant was crowded even on Monday Eve some were in friends groups and some families. Sri Upahara is located in one of the busiest streets of HSR layout.

The ambience of this place is mesmerizing and very beautiful. Not only is the food is global cuisine but the ambience too is Desi on one side and Western on the other side. The decorators have done their job amazingly well. They have used a lot of colorful lights and mirrors which makes it look more attractive. One can see that they have spent a lot of time in decorating this place

Overall it’s very nice and not so expensive.. good place to visit with family and friends.

3. Shree Muthahalli Veg

Sri Muthahalli Veg is a place where many families come to dine and enjoy. This place has a very good ambiance and it is a vegetarian restaurant. You can find all kinds of dishes here, from South Indian to North Indian, Chinese and even South East Asian cuisine.

The food here is extremely delicious and they have an amazing variety on their menu. The service is excellent and the staff are very friendly too. The owner of this restaurant is also quite a friendly and humble person who will take care of his customers with utmost care.

4. Go Native HSR

Go Native HSR is one of the best healthy food restaurants in Bangalore. It was an amazing experience with very helpful staff. They have also curated lots of organic stuff which is equally amazing

The place is very spacious and has enough space for people to sit comfortably with their friends or family members, they have washroom in every floor and it’s well maintained. Let’s say one of the best as well.


Kailash Parbat is a vegetarian restaurant in Bangalore. They serve Chats throughout the day. Definitely a must try place for people who love eating chaats but don’t mind paying a bit more than normal eateries. Classy veg restaurant with lots of options to choose from. The food is scrumptious and their servings are of good quantity as well.

The ambiance is very good and the seating arrangement is also quite comfortable. The service is also very quick and prompt. The staff are friendly and they make sure that you have a good time at the place.

6. Shree Khana Khazana

The food quality is one among the best. Food is served hot and fresh, which is a good sign!

They have a good variety of items on their menu, from Indian cuisines to Chinese dishes and even some sandwiches and burgers. They also serve juices, coffee and tea (but no desserts).

The staff is friendly and helpful in recommending dishes for you if you are not sure what to order.

7. Silbatti

The place has decent well priced food options. The service is good. The ambience is driven to give a dhabha like vibe and might work for some people. There are a lot of other places in the vicinity that have better food and ambience than this one but if you are looking for something quick, this one could work out. The food here is pretty good and the price is definitely worth it. The service was quick and the staff were friendly.

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