8 Best Pubs In HSR layout

Few Of The Best Pubs In HSR Layout

by Seo Singh
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You’ve probably heard about Bangalore’s beer culture, which has been brewing for quite a while. But where is a good place to have your first beer in Bangalore? Bangalore is known for its pubs. It’s one of the best ways to get to know the city.

Looking for the best pubs in HSR layout? Here’s a list of the 10 best pubs in HSR layout to meet all kinds of budgets and requirements.

1. Shift Lounge 

One of the top pubs in Bangalore, Shift HSR offers a very friendly and cozy environment. The food spread looks amazing and appetizing. The service was amazing. A huge thumbs up to their staff, as they were both friendly and helpful!

Highly recommend this place for a perfect weekend visit and to those who want to spend some quality time with their friends and family and love good food.


Located in HSR Layout, Cirkus is a decent pub if you want to head out and relax with friends over a drink or two. The place is spacious with ample seating space and has a pretty cool ambiance going for it.

A good place for sports lovers to enjoy the matches on tv with friends.

3. Hammered HSR Layout

The location is pretty central, and you’ll easily find parking. There are many seating options, so don’t worry if you go with a bigger group. One really pleasant thing was the service because the waiter made sure that you had everything you needed and always checked back in to ensure they were doing well. As far as the food goes, it is another cherry on the cake as they taste good and are affordable as well.

Overall, good wine and dining place for groups to hang out! You can visit this place once but preferably at night in summer.

4. House of Commons

House of Commons is a two-floor restaurant, the food is really great. The ambiance varies on different floors, the top floor is rowdy with the bar. The bottom floor is quieter, you can actually have a convo with your friends. Waiters and waitresses are chatty and helpful; when you ask for recommendations, they will answer in detail.

The House of Commons is an ideal location for a chilled evening; with proximity to the water, it has a great view on one side. It’s obviously more suited to the warmer months.


5. Plan B x Hangover HSR

Plan B is located in HSR Layout, Bangalore, and it’s a very happening place. They play good music, the ambiance is nice, and they have really amazing chicken wings!  Other than that, they also have burgers and other non-vegetarian things. The place isn’t very big, but the roof gets really crowded during peak hours, so you might want to avoid that.

For a place with such reasonably priced food, you would be surprised how full it is almost every night!

6. Don’t Tell Mama

Don’t tell Mama it is a cool place to be part of. A group of friends can go here to hang out together and enjoy some good food, excellent drinks and great music. With a fantastic space to hang out and get some quality time with your friends, it’s a pretty awesome place!

It also has a nice rooftop seating which offers great music and serves alcohol and sheesha. A good place to hang out with friends.

7. To Be Continued Sky Lounge

TBC is a nice PUB  for dinner. This place was a bit crowded but is a Clean place. The food is really great, with options ranging from Buff steaks flamed in old monk rum, salmon steaks, burgers, Nachos, and spring rolls. Everything tastes good. Drinks are also worth trying, with the best being Mocktail sweet lady. You will get alcoholic drinks also there. You can book the seat to avoid delay. Not the place if you want to converse and laugh with your pals, you’d literally have to scream to be heard.

8. Catch Up Bangalore

It’s a place that you shouldn’t miss. They have some great cocktails and innovative mocktails to offer. The food is superb and a must-try. You get pretty decent discounts during their happy hours or other activities, which makes it a good place to catch up with your friends in the evening.

 They have 3 floors, one includes a dance floor with great lights and an amazing DJ, normal dining in, and a rooftop. The lights and vibes are just thrilling. They also have a small stage at one of the corners.

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