7 Best Chinese Restaurants In Hsr Layout

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by Seo Singh
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When in Bangalore, there are a few restaurants you can’t miss out on. Asian Food is one of the staple diets here in Bangalore. And no wonder its favorite cuisine! The number of Chinese restaurants in the HSR layout is increasing daily, with newcomers and some old favorites also popping up. Here are the 7 best Chinese restaurants in HSR Layout, Bangalore.

1. Beijing Bites

5.5/5 – Beijing Bites is a Chinese restaurant that serves authentic and homely Chinese cuisine with a twist in Bangalore. We have tried their food, and it is simply amazing; we love the way they prepare the food here because they are not afraid to try something new and innovative, which makes them stand out from many other restaurants in town!

2. Szechuan Dragon

Szechuan Dragon is a Chinese restaurant in HSR Layout. It is located on the second floor of D-zone Mall and has an amazing view of the mall. The ambiance is very nice, the service was good, and their food was delicious!

The food here is pretty standard Chinese fare, but it’s great for a casual dining experience with friends. We ordered some items from the menu, and they were all delicious. I especially liked the egg noodles with minced pork and beansprouts – it was so flavorful!

I would definitely go back here again!

3. The Wok Pops

The Wok Pops is a family-run restaurant that has been serving authentic Chinese food to people in the city. The owners, who are from Taiwan, have developed an extensive menu that includes traditional dishes such as dumplings and noodles and more modern items like lobster or pork BBQ. While they don’t serve alcohol, they do have a wide selection of soft drinks and juices for those who want to wash down their meal without any added calories.

The Wok Pops is located on HSR Layout Road (opposite the office block), which is just a few minutes walk from Central Station. If you’re planning on going there for lunch or dinner, be sure to check out their menu beforehand so that you can plan your order properly. They also have plenty of takeaway options if you don’t want to make the trip back home after work!

4. The Red Box HSR Layout

Superb taste..I usually order for home delivery. Quantity, and packing is good. Taste is awesome. Chinese cuisine is at best. QUANTITY, Packaging is good. The menu has many options, including a variety of snacks main course. Noodles, fried rice, and momo are all available.

They are a bit expensive but the amount of food you get makes up for it . The service is also good. The staffs are very friendly and helpful . They provide you with ample parking space and you can park your vehicle inside their premises. They also have an outdoor seating area where you can sit and enjoy your meal without any hassle .

5. Dragon’s Kitchen

I have been to Dragon’s Kitchen multiple times, and I am always amazed by their service. My family and I usually go there for dinner on the weekends. The food is really good and you get a lot of it for your money. I highly recommend this restaurant if you are looking for a good authentic Chinese dinner!

6. Black Plus White – An Asian Kitchen & Bar

The restaurant at the ground floor can accommodate around 80-100 pax at full capacity. The interiors speaks volumes on the passion of the promoters.

The place boasts of a bar and the bartender here is a asset who whips up some of the best Cocktails have tried of late.

The Service is a class apart and lives up to the expectations of a fine dine restaurant. The Servers are ready to go the extra mile in ensuring a memorable experience for the patrons.

7. Maya Momo Shop

Maya Momo Shop is a popular place in HSR layout that serves authentic and reasonably priced Indo-chinese food. The staff was very courteous and served us well on time. This is one of the very few food joints in Bangalore that serve authentic and reasonably priced Indo-chinese cuisine. Just loved it. Must try their Chicken Momos, any fried rice or Noodles and Manchurian. Serving size is good and can easily be shared by two people. Highly recommended

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