7 Supermarket in HSR Layout

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Supermarkets are an important of daily life for individuals. While food and drinks remain central to supermarkets, these stores devote more shelf space to other items than grocery stores. Here are few supermarkets in the HSR Layout!

1. More Supermarket

It is an excellent place as One Stop Place for all your Grocery needs under one roof. One can get very good offers on Wednesdays / Saturdays / Festival seasons. All employees are cordial and helping in More Supermarket.

2. Ratnadeep Supermarket

A very good supermarket for all your daily grocery needs and you get almost all popular brand items here. The Vegetables are available at very reasonable price and one can visit it on Saturday and sunday for fresh vegetables. They even home deliver your order as well in nearby areas.

3. Aishwarya Supermarket

A well arranged super market running from more than 10 years and the service is awesome. It’s a great place to shop daily needs with best discounts.

4. Ayush Super Market

It’s a good supermarket found all your needy things and product maintenance. Their customer service is phenomenal and help you find the right product.

5. Sobha Super Market

A place where you find most of the products here from groceries to daily household needs. The staff is polite and courteous! Very obliging and friendly. They are not here to make a quick sale from you, but they will take time to understand your need and suggest best available options for you.

6. Food Palace Supermarket

A great store for Provisionals, stationery, gift articles. They sells most items at MRP though. They also deliver water cans and items exceeding bill amount rs 500. They have trolly cart with child seat and pull carts for getting stuffs around.

7. Star Bazaar

All in one place with breakfast till dinner and booze in between. Roof itself is a picnic spot. By the way you can shop also everything you want with great offers on ration and clothes.

The supermarkets in HSR Layout is a great place to shop for groceries. The prices are reasonable, the selection is good, and the staff is friendly and helpful. We highly recommend all of the above supermarket for your grocery shopping needs.

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