8 Punjabi Restaurants in HSR Layout 

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Punjabi food is a rich, spicy cuisine that has been popular in the Indian Subcontinent for centuries. The flavors and spices of Punjabi cooking have captivated people from all over the world. And whether you’re looking for a quick lunch or dinner, these Punjabi restaurants in HSR Layout make it easy to find something to satisfy your appetite.

1. The Punjabi Rasoi

Punjabi Rasoi is a North Indian restaurant with a wide variety of dishes and flavors. For anyone who is craving for some tasty punjabi food, Punjabi Rasoi is the perfect place for you! Their must try food dishes includes baby corn manchurian and panner sabji.

2. Bathinda Junction HSR

The place is as per the name. They serve delicious Punjabi food and service time is relatively fair. Overall it is a very ambient place for a family dinner or friends meet up or even for casual office lunch or dinner. The dishes are tasty and the quantity served is quite decent.

3. Punjabi Dhaba

It’s a small joint with limited seating, but it’s the kind of place you can go to after work for some good quality food. It’s not too expensive, and the food is delicious. The service is really good.

4. Kapoor’s Cafe

It is a gem of a restaurant if you are looking for delicious vegetarian food. It offers awesome North Indian food, the quantity is more than adequate with reasonable pricing. Paratha and Lassi lovers will have a great time. The food even tastes better than few high-end restaurants in Bangalore.

5. Bathinda station

The restaurant is pretty and entertaining from the point you step in, the Entrance stairs are quite creative. The place screams – you’re in Punjab! The service is really quick, the food is finger-licking good and perfect for punjabi food lovers.

6. Silbatti

It is a good space to hang out with friends and family. The ambiance is nice and is driven to give a dhabha like vibe. It offers  good North Indian and mughlai food in hsr layout!

7. The Rasoiya Street

It is a pure vegetarian restaurant right at the middle of HSR and a must visit for vegetarian lovers. They have friendly staff and the good ambiance is an added bonus. The food taste and quality is top notch.

8. Moti Mahal Delux

The food here is very tasty with a great and quick service. Tandoori chicken is the best with Rotis being soft and yummy. The price is little above the normal but it’s ok as the brand has good impression in Delhi.

Punjabi restaurants are becoming increasingly popular in HSR Layout, and for good reason. The food is delicious, the atmosphere is lively, and the prices are reasonable. If you’re looking for a great place to eat in HSR Layout, be sure to check out one of these Punjabi restaurants. You won’t be disappointed!

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